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176 Java Street, 2nd Floor, Suite 6
Brooklyn, NY
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Brooklyn, NY

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The Polish & Slavic Center (CP-S) is a socio-cultural, non-profit organization that primarily serves the Polish ethnic group.

The Immigration and Legal Program helps newly arrived immigrants from Poland and Eastern European countries to adapt to new living conditions. It provides professional legal advice on immigration matters and helps regulate legal residence. Prepares for the citizenship exam. All matters are dealt with by prior arrangement by phone.

The Senior Club "Krakus" provides high-quality services for older people living in the New York City area. The program is funded by the NYC Department for the Aging. One of the most important services provided by the program is the provision of meals for the disabled and needy for approximately 320 people a day. In addition, the Senior Club "Krakus" offers numerous forms of spending free time for the oldest, including computer classes, English lessons, fitness, various trips, lectures and much more.

  • Artur Pustula: 718-489-1534, 718-971-1241
  • 176 Java Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Senior Club Jana Pawła II, based in Manhattan, has been operating continuously since 1996. In this extremely demanding time, we still offer a wide range of services by phone and the Internet. We invite you to use social services such as: SNAP, SCRIE, SSI and others. By offering a wide range of "virtual meetings" such as: nutrition classes, discussion club, and virtual exercises, we help fight loneliness and isolation.

  • Jakub Polaczyk: 929-210-2152
  • Alicja Zakrzewska: 929-210-2152
  • 103 East 7th Street, New York, NY 10009
  • Lucyna Zynda:

The Senior Social Services Program has been providing services to low-income older people for 25 years. The program covers a wide range of social services: from housing issues, health services to informing and explaining new social regulations. All matters are dealt with by prior arrangement by phone.

  • Dorota Pastula: 929-210-3739
  • 176 Java Street #1, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Ewelina Rudiak:

CP-S English Language Courses offers English language courses at various levels. Classes are held at various convenient times and online.

  • Claudia Nytco: 718-389-0705
  • 176 Java Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222


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