04. Multi-channel advertising in the USA

We are the only company in the USA to offer multi-channel advertising in Polish. In addition, online advertising is carried out simultaneously in Polish, English, and Ukrainian.

We can help you establish or enhance the foundation of your online business presence through online reputation management and multi-channel advertising. This involves several important and interconnected elements that present your business in the best possible light on the internet. Our advertising packages are designed to suit companies of any size and type and include a range of marketing activities that work together to promote your brand concurrently.

Your Company in the Online Business Directory

Consider placing your advertisement on to attract more customers, increase your website traffic, boost brand recognition and customer trust, rank higher on Google search results, and enjoy many other benefits. The platform allows you to advertise in three different languages at the same time.

Banners or Image Campaign

We provide banner campaigns (display ads) on our network, including news, business directory, and classifieds. Our sites support Polish, English, and Ukrainian banners with links to your website.

Articles, as a Content Marketing

By providing valuable information about your service through promotional articles in our business catalog and news, you can attract more customers and increase your organic visibility on the first pages of Google search results.

Digital & Print Books

Each client receives complimentary print and digital advertising. Check out the digital versions here: and

Google My Business

We provide a service to help you with setting up, auditing, and revising your account on Google My Business without any cost (optional with some plans). Our team will manage your business information, keep it up-to-date, and connect it with other platforms like directories, websites, articles, social media, and more. These actions will work together to greatly improve your company's online visibility.

Facebook Business Account

I would like to offer you the option to set up, audit, and revise his business account on FACEBOOK free of charge. We will manage your company's information, updating and building a community around your brand.

Video Advertising

Nowadays, video advertising attracts customers' attention the most. It will make customers remember your company better. Video is placed in our Business Directory and on your YouTube Channel (optional with some plans), showing that you care about your customers and the quality of your services.

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