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POLISH PAGES (Polonijna Ksiazka) - Business Directory on the Internet - is the most comprehensive source of information on business for the Polish community in the USA in Polish and English. Apart from the digital catalog, the catalog is also published in printed form. This website is part of POLISH PAGES MEDIA NETWORK.

The strength of New York and the surrounding states is their multicultural population. It is largely represented by people of Polish origin, known for their great work ethic, which contributes to the success of our ethnic group. The prospering Polish community in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut has been supported for over 20 years by the Polish Pages Media Network's information resources, which serve its cultural, social and, above all, business interests.

The Polish Pages Business Catalog is an important part of the communication network for the Polish diaspora in the United States, containing useful information about life, work and education in the USA.

Our media, one of a kind, contains useful data on municipal, state and federal government offices, information about churches, organizations and Polish businesses. Providing easy access to important information in print and online, we serve as a valuable tool for residents, businesses and students of Polish origin living in the tri-state area and the entire USA.

We provide valuable information services for MILLIONS POLES in America who want to be kept informed, thus having an impact on large and small matters of the Polish community.

The Polish Pages Media Network is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the growing number of its users. We would like to thank everyone who contributed to our success and invite you to continue working for the Polish community.

Regulamin * Prywatność

We wish the entire Polish community successes and invite you to cooperation!

If you have any question, please call: 718-279-4969

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