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Brooklyn, NY
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Brooklyn, NY

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Our law firm offers high-quality legal services with short deadlines and at affordable prices.

We provide an individual approach to each client, direct contact with an attorney in Polish and reliable information to the client about the status of his case. We assist clients in achieving their goals by helping them solve problems with as little stress and within the lowest budget as possible.


  • automotive
  • including: accidents of pedestrians and pedestrians, cyclists, in means of transport, cases against the uninsured and escaped from the scene of the accident;
  • at the construction site / at work
  • including: on ladders, on scaffolding, during demolition or asbestos removal, accidents caused by faulty devices and machines, while operating a saw;
  • in buildings and on sidewalks
  • including: falls and slips on stairs, in elevators, on the street, in the subway, in parks and playgrounds, on snow and ice, dog bites;
  • Medical errors, including: hospital negligence, medical malpractice during childbirth
  • Manslaughter

Consultation in accident cases is free of charge, remuneration only after winning the case. If necessary, the solicitor will come to your home or hospital. We work with top-class trial attorneys. We help you get compensation regardless of your immigration status. Many of our clients are in the United States illegally and yet we have obtained high compensation for them without exposing them to immigration problems.


  • Emigration to the USA
  • sponsorship by work
  • family sponsorship
  • people with outstanding abilities or achievements (athletes, artists, scientists)
  • temporary visas
  • H1B: Work visas for professionals (graduation required)
  • F, M: student visas
  • B: business or tourist visas (extensions or exchanges)
  • J, Q: Scientific or cultural exchange visas
  • K: Fiancee visas for fiancées of US citizens
  • assistance in the event of deportation
  • naturalization
  • checking the status of the case
  • assistance during an interview at the Immigration Office

Our office handles immigration matters in all states. The above list does not exhaust all possibilities - it only presents the cases we deal with most often. Please contact our office even if you do not find the category above that you are interested in.


  • buy / sell (closing)
  • re-financing
  • family transfers
  • purchase of the first house / flat
  • coops / condominium (cooperatives and condominiums)
  • residential and commercial (ask for tax-free conversion - paragraph 1031)
  • multi-family

We never forget that your transaction is the most important transaction of your life! Based on this assumption, our goal is to provide our clients with high-quality service, characterized by an individual approach to each case and accurately informing the client about its progress. An attorney provides due attention and personal oversight of each transaction from start to finish. At the beginning of the transaction, he will explain to the client the general procedure of the transaction and its individual steps. Before signing the contract, he will discuss the most important points with the client and make sure that all the necessary issues are included in it. They will then order a property ownership report to make sure the ownership chain is correct and there are no encumbrances or violations. At the same time, it will help the client in choosing the best loan and will cooperate with the bank in order to efficiently and quickly prepare for the closing. During the closing process, the attorney represents the client, making sure that the transaction runs smoothly and the client's interests are properly secured. After the transaction is completed, the solicitor remains at the client's disposal to answer any questions that may arise. Our goal is to provide the client with fast and professional service in a pleasant atmosphere so that the most important transaction of his life can be peaceful and leaves only pleasant memories.


  • Individual bankruptcies
  • Business matters
  • including: choosing the legal form of business, establishing and providing legal services to corporations, buying and selling a business, obtaining a license for alcohol, contracts
  • Inheritance cases, wills
  • Tenant matters
  • including: evictions, cases for non-payment of rent, drawing up rental contracts,


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