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December 18, 2020

Bring Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech and Slovak to Your dining table

Fabko European food shipped all over the United States

Welcome to, the online store for delicious traditional European food. Our stock reaches every place in America. Here You can find, among the others, the Hungarian, Romanian and Polish delights. Have You ever tasted European meat or European cold cuts? No? We are pretty sure, You will be delight-full if You do! Among our groceries are Hungarian sausage Balaton, Polish spyrka, or tasty Romanian sausages. And we offer German food deli, Czech Slovak and Balkan style food as well. All these delicious victuals were brought from Europe, where they were prepared in a healthy regional way. Products from this part of the world are famous for their natural ingredients, no preservatives, and great taste. And now they are totally available at Fabko online store! Here You can buy them no matter in which part of the USA You live. And we offer all these delicacies at really good prices! See for Yourself!

Check out our popular food from Eastern Europe and Balkans

Have You ever been to Eastern Europe or Balkans and eaten their meat products? No? Shame! But now it doesn’t matter. Our store is here for You, and it offers the best from their local national cuisine. „Spyrka” in other words Polish back fat smoked, is a very popular snack brought straight from Polish mountains. Following Romanian style fresh pork sausage is also tasty meat You have to try! Next is cold-smoked sausage – „polska surowa wędzona”. It is a product very similar to Hungarian „paraszt kolbasz”. But not as in Polish, there is paprika in the Hungarian version. We call it „polish paraszt kolbasz” and it tastes perfect as well. And last but not least – sumptuous Hungarian sausage Balaton. Cold-smoked, prominently seasoned with Garlic and Paprika is considered gourmet delicious. All those European cold cuts are perfect for grilling and cooking. And all above is just a little piece of our entire offer! We have many, many more!

Dairy, bakery, groceries, gourmet, deli and non-food products from Old Continent

Our stock is not only meat and cold cuts. There are also present products from other categories on the pages of our web store. Among the others, You can find there regional sweets like Wedel vanilla marshmallows, Balaton chocolate-covered wafer, or Delicje Raspberry Biscuits. And that is not all. We also have got category with Romanian dairy and Hungarian groceries. For example Carpathian Sheep And Goat Feta Cheese, Branza de Burduf Romanian Cheese, or even Bende Hungarian Style Pickles. Moreover, we can offer a lot of regional gourmet products. Those can be Polish pierogi – for example with spinach, potato and cheddar, „ruskie” or dumplings filled with forest mushrooms. There is really a lot of good food in our product selection. We can also suggest a purchase of such European dishes like Bean Stew, Beef Goulash Pork Jelly, or Stuffed Cabbage. We are pretty sure that on our website You can find all the famous old continental courses You heard about.

Bring Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech and Slovak to Your dining table

In times of soulless mass production of food and the increasing content of preservatives in each product, traditionally prepared European food is a real opportunity to taste naturalness. You and Your Family definitely deserve it! Just try the specialties from our stock, and we guarantee you will fall in love with their taste. Feel the truly exotic taste of European dishes in your own home. Now You can. Fabko online store is here for You. Feel free to browse and choose products You like. Our offer becomes bigger and bigger every day. We care about each customer individually. We offer expert advice and convenient payment methods. We listen and answer questions. As soon as possible, we complete each shipment. In most cases, we ship anywhere in the US. Otherwise, we always inform our Clients, or we try to find a proper solution. We also take any feedback very seriously. Check us out now!

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