We are on a mission to help you to get to the Root of Your Health Problem and set you on the journey for Healing!

Biological Age Assessment

We all want to enjoy the benefits of great health: vitality, boost of energy, mental clarity, fertility, longevity, genetic integrity etc. However even if we do not suffer from heart attack, stroke, advanced heart failure, end stage cancer, dementia or severe asthma – we still wake up with tiredness and brain fogg, experience digestive and joint issues that does not allow us to enjoy the gift of life to its fullest!

Current Medicine offers medication for each of multiple symptoms. There also medication to treat side effects of other meds. So what are the roots of our health problems?

We are all fragile human beings living in toxic world that can easily disturb health and delicate balance within our spirit, mind and body. However most of the time, we are our own worst enemy and often contribute significantly to the development of our diseases during the whole life. Biomedical research confirms that more than 2/3 of diseases (including the largest plagues of the 21st century such as diabetes, obesity, allergies, coronary heart disease and cancer, etc.) depend on lifestyles, including mostly nutrition.

Ignorance, false premises, commercialism - they all fuel the lifestyle, trigger and shape habits and thus lead to the epidemic of civilization diseases of our century. Unfortunately, we rarely address the real causes of the disease.



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