Dr Libura Offers Nutrition Therapy. Telemedicine Available!

Jolanta Julia Libura, MD, PhD I Doctors, Physicians, Health, Beauty
October 28, 2020

Dr Libura offers in her medical offices: Extensive & Complex Internal Medicine Consultations, Extended Blood Work, Advanced Imaging, Onsite Nutrition Consultations, Nutrition Therapy and Prevention, and more...

Dr Libura Offers Nutrition Therapy. Telemedicine Available!

Nutrition and Functional Medicine Clinic - range of services and testing that are meant to assist you more closely on your path to reclaim your health.


  • Onsite Nutrition Consultations with follwoing personalized Health and Nutrition assessment Report including metabolic profile, nutrition status, and hormonal balance;
  • Medical Weight Loss Program,
  • MD-supervised Detox therapies
  • Nutritional recommendations with individualized plan and protocols
  • Food sensitivity tests,
  • Heavy Metal testing, 
  • Intestinal Health Evaluation,
  • Individualized supplementation plan,
  • Optional: 2 week/1 month menu plan,
  • Body Composition Analysis to evaluate and monitor changes in body fat and muscle mass, BMI, biological age, evaluate the risk of health problems such as obesity type 2 diabetes, or metabolic syndrome,
  • Telemedicine Nutritional Consultations


Nutrition therapy and prevention of multiple health problems:

  • High Blood pressure, Hypercholesterolemia, 
  • Coronary artery disease,
  • Dementia,
  • Fertility problems and nutritional optimization before pregnancy,
  • Immune imbalances and Autoimmune conditions including hypothyroiditis, Lyme Disease, 
  • Vitamin deficiencies,
  • Hormone imbalances,
  • Leaky Gut condition,
  • Nutritional therapy in cancer management,
  • Cancer-preventing diet

Internal Medicine  &  Nutritional and Functional Medicine
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