Marzec, Darius A., Esq.

Litigation, Court cases

1000 Clifton Avenue, 2nd Floor
Clifton, NJ
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Clifton, NJ


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Darius A. Marzec
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Subpoenas - Money issues - Business and partnership conflicts
Business and Partner Conflicts - Real Estate Litigation
Real Estate - Foreclosure - Accident cases,
Accident cases where there is no insurance - Urgent cases
Same day or next day filings where
Urgent cases - filed the same day or the next day where immediate court intervention is required to
Prevent loss of business or foreclosure

Immigration Cases
Green cards through marriage - Citizenship
Deportation Cases - Criminal / Deportation
Deferred Action - Immigration relief for young adults

Serious Accidents
Workplace accidents (mostly in NY, NJ, PA)
Car accidents - Falls from heights
Slips and falls

Unpaid wages
For employees and subcontractors
For hours and overtime - In Union work
Unpaid overtime in elderly care
Unpaid rates in construction work

Real Estate
Buying and selling property
Buy/sell businesses, stores, deli,
restaurants, beauty salons, etc.

The only POLISH ADVOCATE qualified to handle cases (trial lawyer)
and licensed in 10 states: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts,
Illinois, Florida, California, Washington DC and Hawaii

Divorce family matters
Divorces by mutual agreement
Disputes - Distribution of property
division of marital property - declaration of separate
Spousal and child support
Cases for increase and reduction of alimony
Child custody and visitation

Criminal Matters
Arrests - Domestic Violence - Wife or Husband Abuse
Abuse of wife or husband - Orders of Protection - Restraining
Orders - Drink driving - Theft
Thefts - Beatings - Drugs

Inheritances - Wills and trusts
Succession without a will
Succession with a will
Administration / Probate
Successions in Poland
matters are handled without travelling to Poland
Wills, trusts
and authorizations during life time

Are you dissatisfied
with your solicitor?
Call me to
to discuss your case!
For emergency
criminal cases:

Attorney appointments also available on weekends and during evening hours at our offices in New York and New Jersey. Fee for handling of your case often after you win the case! Call for details.


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