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Workers Compensation / Motor Vehicle Accident

Facts: Plaintiff, a passenger, was on a lunch break with her co-workers.  After eating,   Plaintiff’s co-worker drover her back in a vehicle owned by their employer, Flying  Foods.  As they left the food court, they were T-boned by another car that was   exiting the parking lot.  Flying Foods disputed liability and claimed the Plaintiff   was prohibited from suing her employer.  We prevailed in a Workers’   Compensation hearing and were allowed to sue the employer as well as the owner  and operator of the other vehicle involved.  We then retained experts to establish   the Plaintiff’s economic loss due to not being able to return to work as well as the   need for lifetime medical treatment.

Injuries: L5/S1 lumbar spine fusion with arthroscopic knee surgery and hip surgery.

Initial Offer: $75k Recovery: Settled pre-trial for $1,850,000.

Access a Ride Motor Vehicle Accident 

Facts: Plaintiff was a passenger in the lead car (Access-a-Ride) of a chain reaction rear   end collision. Plaintiff qualified for Access-a-Ride accommodations due to pre-  existing knee arthritis.  We moved for summary judgment prior to depositions being  conducted, which was granted.  We then retained an expert Life Car Planner to   project Plaintiff’s future medical expenses.

Injuries: Cervical spine fusion at C4/C5 and C5/C6 with arthroscopic knee surgeries on   both knees.  

Initial Offer: N/A  Recovery: Settled at mediation for $1,500,000

Car Accident with NYPD

Facts: An NYPD vehicle was driving on the wrong side of the road, allegedly responding  to an incident, when it struck the Plaintiff’s vehicle in an intersection.  The NYPD  initially denied liability claiming their lights and sirens were on, and that the   Plaintiff should have seen / heard the police car.  We obtained records from the City  of New York proving the lights and sirens were not activated and also found an   eyewitness who confirmed that fact.  

Injuries: C5/C6 cervical spine fusion and arthroscopic knee surgery. 

Initial Offer: 10k Recovery: Settled pre-trial for $1,410,000.

Car Accident with NYPD

Facts: Plaintiff’s vehicle was t-boned in an intersection controlled by a traffic light.  The   Defendant, NYPD Police Officer, claimed that his lights and sirens were on when   he entered the intersection, thereby giving him the right of way.

Injuries: L3/L4 and L4/L5 lumbar spine fusion. 

Initial Offer: N/A Recovery: Settled pre-trial for $1,000,000


Using this offer, please refer to the Polish Pages


Using this offer, please refer to the Polish Pages

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